improve your game

• INCREASE SPEED AND STRENGTH to lengthen your stride and
develop pull-away power.

• BETTER BALANCE AND AGILITY to explosively maneuver and confidently compete along the boards in front of the net.

• IMPROVE PUCK CONTROL to deftly handle the puck in traffic while enhancing your vision to see the whole ice.

net with success.

• DEVELOP SOLID PASSING SKILLS to support your teammates
and create game winning opportunities.


Don Krause, currently the MN Advanced 15 Head Coach, has designed a complete and sequential format that builds upon the foundations set during the preceding sessions. Having coached for over 20 years, he has worked with professional, college, junior, high school and amateur players to help them maximize their potential.

Coach Krause has compiled a high quality staff to meet the needs of all the players. Teaching young players about the great game of hockey and helping them to develop their hockey skill in an enjoyable style are the goals of the Lake of the Woods Hockey School.

QualityFocus on Technique

Lake of the Woods Hockey School concentrates on teaching the most effective techniques for skating and stick handling success. As a player improves their individual skills, it is apparent that they will also be more valuable to their team. Our focus on technique is fueled by our sincere desire to make the game enjoyable for all participants. We clearly understand that we all tend to have more fun when we feel confident in our abilities.

Direct and immediate feedback

The feedback that Lake of the Woods Hockey School provides is direct, immediate, and accentuates the positive. Skating with the players, our instructors interact to communicate and demonstrate proper technique. Group numbers are limited to ensure that proper teaching and learning takes place.

Professional Training at Reasonable Rates

Lake of the Woods Hockey School provides professional training at extremely competitive rates. We believe the best way to improve hockey skills is to apply proper skating and stick handling techniques in a structured environment where quality repetition can create positive habits. Quite simply put, the better you can skate and stick handle, the more likely you are to improve as a hockey player.

We would rather concentrate on the most important keys to hockey success on the ice. You get results at an affordable price. Lake of the Woods Hockey School is the best investment you can make as a hockey player!